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15 April 2008 @ 05:23 pm
Not Icons - Just An Important Update!  
Hi guys! [It's me, ethereal_sunset - this  is my personal journal username, FYI.]

Every once in a while I have to do something to remind everyone that I'm not dead. ^_^

So I'm thinking of a sister community to Escapist Icons, one that will be for things other than just icons, but still carry on the tradition of escapism and whatnot. Just a place to go and talk freely about pretty much anything, especially if it has to do with freedom, daydreaming, sunshine and rainbows...all that happy mindless stuff we love in here. Hehe.

So my dilemma is, what to call the community? I really would love for the first word to be Escapist, so that the connection is obvious, if that's possible. But it might not be...and there are worse fates, but if you've got any ideas don't hesitate to present them!

It has to be a pretty word, and hopefully soemthing that conveys the idea of the community. You may've noticed I love "pretty words" that are descriptive and picturesque, like midnight, sunset, ethereal, twilight, journey, escapist, et cetera...so, something along those lines?


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=^..^=kiss_of_rage on July 11th, 2008 01:08 pm (UTC)
Come baaack! I miss you! I'm currently going through all the journals I have everywhere in the world and correcting the credits and keywords on some of my favourites of your icons. I still think they are gorgeous. I hope you are well and happy. :)